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Competition regulations

‘Dansport op maat Nederland’ (S.D.N.)
(feb 2022)

Competitions in the G-class are dance competitions organized by or/and with consent of SDN.

SDN competitions are divided into two classes:

  1. Couples ( former Combi-class)
  2. Couples unified ( former Duo-class)

In Couples, the couple consists of a lady and a man, or a lady with a lady or a man with a man,  Both persons have a handicap as described in the statutes. In the Couples unified, one of the two dancers has a handicap. The other dancer is assisting, the unified partner. In Couples unified all partnerships are welcome: lady and man, man and man, lady and lady.

The Dutch Championship is danced in two Couples-classes and  in two Couples unified -classes.
In principle, every contestant is a winner: all dancers will receive a medal.
One couple in each class is entitled to call themselves the official Dutch Champions:

  • Dutch Champion Couples I
  • Dutch Champion Couples II
  • Dutch Champion Couples unified I
  • Dutch Champion Couples unified II

In Couples I and in Couples unified I  the more advanced dancers.

In Couples II and in Couples unified II dancers till and including Silver Star or/and dancers with a larger handicap.

In all 4 classes the following dances will be danced:

  1. Waltz
  2. Tango
  3. Quickstep

Registration of the couples who are dancing at the Dutch Championships:

  • Couples entering the Dutch Championship, must be registered with one of the dancing schools/ clubs affiliated with the SDN. A list of affiliates can be found on the SDN website.
  • The SDN affiliates who want to subscribe couples, must have paid their annual contribution. Otherwise SDN can decide not to enter the couples of the particular affiliate.

The competition regulations are not extended. Practice will tell if additional rules and regulations are required.

On request of the SDN affiliates, there will be an extra competition called the Star CCC Award. This open competition, in which a Cha Cha Cha will be danced, is open to all couples in the Couples classes ( I + II together)  and in the Couples unified  classes ( I + II together).
These competitions are called the Star CCC Award.
One couple in each class is entitled to call themselves the official Star CCC Award winners:

  1. Star CCC Award Champion Couples  (classes I + II together)
  2. Star CCC Award Champion Couples unified (classes I + II together)

SDN is affiliated with the NADB (Official Dutch Dance organization), member of NOC*NSF and a Full member of the World Dance Sport Federation, member IOC.

SDN is affiliated with the NADB (Official Dutch Dance organization), member of NOC*NSF.

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